Top 10 Best Science Colleges in Nepal

Top 10 Best Science Colleges in Nepal

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Science is the most common stream of study and one of the three common academic streams, along with Humanities and Commerce. A lot of students aspire to take this subject. Nepal has some of the best science colleges in the world providing both postgraduate and undergraduate degrees.

Science colleges open up the doors of opportunities for the students to choose from various technical or non-technical career options. There are hundreds of science colleges in Nepal to provide proper knowledge to the students and to shape up their future. Listed here are the top science colleges in Nepal.

1. National Institute of Science & Technology (NIST), Kathmandu

Within a quick span, the National Institute of Science & Technology has successfully made a great presence on the science education. It has been rapidly becoming the first choice for the top OJEE and JEE (Mains) rank holders.

Students from around 13 states are studying there. It has been done by the endless efforts of the staff and faculties in NIST to uphold the highest standards in education. The team has worked together to keep NIST at the exemplary island in the ocean of academic opportunities which can outperform the rich educational background of other schools.

2. Brihaspati College, Bhairahawa

Brihaspati College was established in 2056 B.S to provide teaching to students with advanced practices, principles and technologies of modern management from different parts of the world. The institution has achieved unmatched success and is currently No.1 institution of this type.

Around 400 students have completed their BBA successfully from the institution who are providing valuable solutions to various global and national business organizations. Most of these students are hired by financial institutions and banks. Brihaspati College is the synonym for professional dedication and academic excellence.

The best part of Brihaspati College is that the faculties are devoted to education with perfection for human values. The management has consistent excellence not just in academics but also in extracurricular roles. Hence, it has sound reputation as the best educational institution. The college is proud to have unmatched achievements and it is committed to enhance its academic excellence to new heights. Hence, you are welcomed to get teamed up with their efforts to make this institution achieve excellence in all the respective fields.

3. Crimson College of Technology, Butwel

Crimson College of Technology (CCT) was established in 2000 AD by dedicated professionals from various backgrounds like management, IT, engineering, and health sciences. Currently, the college is running Bachelor in Pharmacy, BCA, BBA, and BCIS. It is affiliated to Pokhara University.

4. Birendra Multiple College, Bharatpur

Birendra Multiple Campus which is seen in its features and forms was established on 2022 BS, first Baishakh, as Birendra Intermediate Arts College. Named after King Birendra, the college is established with the efforts and initiative of social workers, academicians, donors, guardians, as well as local institutions by considering the need of an academic institution of higher education to meet the needs of growing population of the district when Chitwan was opened in 2011 for settlement.

The college has faced hardships in its beginning because of not having its own campus and building. With huge efforts, it took its presence at the building of Chitwan High School and started with only 14 students. Later on, it moved to a rented house.

With several ups and downs on its growth, the college has got 10 Bighas from HMG and the college later moved to its own complex inaugurated by Late Ling Birendra on 2034 BS. Then the college became capable enough to start bachelor level in 2035. From the year 2040, the college initiated I.Sc and became Chitwan’s first multiple college campus.

The Multiple Campus has been expanding rapidly academically and physically day by day. These days, college took a huge stride in its academic level and started Masters in Economics in 2045, MA (Nepali) in 2053, and B.Sc. in 2050. Since then, it has started several programs of Bachelor and Master’s levels one after another without any hurdles.

5. Balkumari College, Chitwan

Established on September 18, 1986 (2nd Ashwin, 2043), Balkumari College is affiliated to Tribhuvan University and has been awarded by the Quality Assurance & Accreditation Committee with Quality Assurance & Accreditation (QAA) certificate by the University Grants Commission, Nepal on November 22, 2009 (7th Mansir, 2066). It has been well known as ISO 9001 certified college for QMS (Quality Management System) in July 2008.

Balkumari College is among the top colleges providing education in Nepal at university level. The college is indulged in several innovative programs along with teaching regular curriculum in the university. It has carefully planned all these programs to provide a clear understanding to the students in higher education or placement. The college has given great performance in all curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular activities and disciplines. 

The institution is aimed to develop Balkumari College as a campus of academic excellence and reach autonomy ultimately. The whole college family and the College Management Committee are prepared and equipped well in promoting and planning based strategies to deal with all kinds of hardships and challenges.

6. Cosmos International College, Pokhara

Located at Palikhe Chowk Pokhara, Cosmos International College is among the recognized institution in Nepal providing A-Level education from Cambridge International at reasonable prices. It is managed by a dedicated professionals’ team.

It is really very difficult to study at Cosmos International College. The courses are more student-centric and students are taught to learn by themselves. Students are responsible for their own learning. While going through a course, a student doesn’t just become a great independent learner, they also develop a complete range of essential skills that are important to explore themselves and prepare for their career.

7. Sann International College, Kathmandu

Established in 1989 AD, SANN is a great research and learning center which has focused in the field of culture, society, and history of Nepal. It has become a modern academic institution in 2000 known as SANN International College for Higher Studies. It has become a multi-faceted institution over the years with several academic and research programs.

The college also operates in association with various universities worldwide, especially for faculty, curriculum, and student’s excellence. The purpose of its establishment is to provide quality education to the Nepalese at international standard. To achieve this goal, the institution delivers world-class facilities of learning in a student-friendly and competitive atmosphere.

8. DAV College, Lalitpur

Affiliated to Tribhuvan University, DAV College of Management started BBS and BBA programs in the year 2003. Since inception, DAV has been working consistently to meet its dream of improving the quality of academics and transforming the skilled workforce for the country’s development. While doing the same, the college has been consistently committed to Western Mind and Eastern Heart.

The college has been envisioned by one of the leading corporate houses of the nation and operated by the best team of academicians. The college is engaged in producing the manpower to meet the challenges in modern world.

DAV College of Management nurtures its own learning and teaching standards by bringing the innovative methodologies and working on existing pedagogy. It is known to place high premium on developing research skills of the students.

At DAV College of Management, all the faculties are highly conversant and competent with the most advanced teaching pedagogy. At DAV, students are motivated to participate in classroom discussion assertively with teachers and to share their ideas confidently among themselves. After much deliberation and contemplation, they have translated the same into actions.

The college makes proper arrangements for seminars, guest lectures, image enhancement, simulations, industrial visits, workshops, and soft skills training on regular basis. The case study teaching, presentation, and report writing are the major highlights of the college. Students will gain all the practical skills which will help in their professional career.

9. Amrit Science Campus, Kathmandu

Located in the heart of Kathmandu Valley, Amrit Science Campus is a different science college in Nepal. Some of the legendary technical manpowers are now the part of various development activities both abroad and in the country. They were once students of Amrit Science Campus. It is a semi-autonomous institution with partial decentralization under Institute of Science & Technology, and affiliated to Tribhuvan University.

Amrit Science Campus provides courses in Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Mathematics, Statistics, Zoology, Environment Science, Computer Science, and Microbiology at Bachelor’s Level. Currently, around 1900 students are studying in the college at various levels.

10. St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu

At St. Xavier’s College, students get the best opportunities to achieve and thrive with their career and academic goals. The way you explore and apply for your desired course has been improved as well as their recruitment and enrolment procedure. The counselors provide excellent guidance to students to plan for their career. It also consists of online platform to share their knowledge, including students, executives, teachers, and professionals from several backgrounds.

Many institutions, colleges, and universities strive hard to achieve the excellence as per the market needs by launching new courses. Students can join one of these colleges to achieve higher for their career. 


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    Neeraj Neupane

    Amazing content about the colleges of Nepal. I found another article related to Best Colleges of Nepal in 2018 from Here

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  • NeerajNeupane
    Neeraj Neupane

    Amazing content about the colleges of Nepal. I found another article related to Best Colleges of Nepal in 2018 from here :

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